2 Trimesters Down, 1 to go..

So I’m in my third and final trimester. Where has the time gone? I feel like it’s flown by, but I also feel like I’ve been pregnant forever. I found out I was pregnant really early, when I was only 2 weeks or so, compared to about 9/10 weeks with Ava so in my eyes, I have been pregnant forever haha. The early days went quick, before I was showing and wasn’t so tired. Now I feel as big as a house, everything aches and I am looking forward to having my new baby girl here and getting my body back to myself. I’m struggling with the tiredness to be honest, I can cope well with no sleep however I feel when you’re expecting it’s totally different. Ava’s sleeping well (touch wood) and I’m getting a decent nights sleep but I still wake up tired and with little energy.

I’ve started my blood thinning injections, which are just as awful as I remember. They sting like crazy, leave bruises and swelling…but hopefully they’ll keep me as safe and healthy as they did before. At my last midwife appointment, she said the baby was back to back, which explains my terrible back ache. My goal before the next midwife appointment in about 3 weeks is to try and flip her over and get her into a better position. It’s time to get my birthing ball back out, I practically lived on it when I was expecting Ava and she was always in a good position for labour, so it goes to show it works. Bit harder this time though as I have a little monkey who won’t let me sit on it without her…

I’ve been a bit slack over the festive period but I’ve been doing lots of lower body exercises, such as squats, lunges, donkey kicks with light leg weights on. It’s so important to have lower body strength for when you’re in labour so I must get back into that ASAP. They’re also all the exercises I did whilst pregnant with Ava and something I believe that helped me get back into my normal clothes really quickly after birth, I know it may take a bit longer the second time though.

I’ve stuck to pretty much the same moisturising routine as my first pregnancy, as I had absolutely no complaints and didn’t get a stretch mark. So it’s bio oil every morning all over my bump, sides and hips, upper thighs and boobs, then wait for that to soak and I use Palmers stretch mark cream on top of that. Once that’s dried I just use a normal moisturiser or oil all over my body. A lot of cream and oil, but hopefully it will pay off again. I do the same before bed. Even my midwife commented on how moisturised my bump was. I’m like an oily fish at the moment.

I am finding it harder to bond with my bump this time however. Not because I don’t want to, but it’s just finding the time. I spent hours in the bath stroking my bump and really feeling every movement she made, but long soaks in the bath aren’t as frequent now. But one thing I have been doing is wearing my Mexican Bola pendant from Blooming Lovely Jewellery. The pendant softly chimes and gently rings against your bump so baby can hear it. The same noise is supposed to relax your baby once they’re born so I’m looking forward to seeing if that works for this one. It’s such a lovely piece of jewellery and keepsake for expecting mothers, either a treat to yourself or a gorgeous gift for someone. They have so many different designs too, however I wear the silver pebble design.

Lots of you have been asking how I cope having a toddler and a big bump, the truth is I don’t always. I have good days and bad days. I just take each day as it comes and if I need to take things a bit easier one day I will, instead of going out running round at play groups we will have a slow walk outside or stay home and play. It’s so important to listen to your body. Also take all the help you can, I literally run to the bath once Mitch gets home and take an hour relaxing in a hot bath to myself.

On a separate note, I’m pretty much sorted for baby coming. I had so many brand new clothes leftover from Ava that I will be using, luckily they will be born a similar sort of time so the clothes are season appropriate. I’ve got all new vests, baby grows and basics but I haven’t gone mad this time. You realise after your first how quickly they grow and how little you actually items. Particularly Ava, she was born in the middle of the long heat wave in 2018 so she spent a lot of time in just a vest or nappy, but I know a March baby will need a couple more layers.

The travel system I will be using most of the time is the Maxi-Cosi Lila with the Duo kit, along with the Jade carrycot car seat for the newborn. We were kindly gifted this system and I can’t wait to start using it. The Jade car seat is so comfortable and cosy and lies totally flat, which is perfect for a long journey or getting her in and out of the car and attaching the car seat onto the pram without waking her, and one of the main reasons I picked this one. I’m going to be taking Ava out in the Lila pram soon so look out for a photo on my Instagram jf you’re interested in it as a double buggy! (Some of the links are affiliate)

Thank you for reading. I hope I cleared up a few of the questions some of you have been asking me. Let me know what else you’d like to read.

Love Lucy x

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