Birth Expectations & My Hypnobirthing Course Review

If you read my birth story when I had Ava, you’ll know I had a really positive and very quick labour. I’m hoping for the same this time round but I think I feel more anxious this time than the first.

The first time I had absolutely nothing to compare it too, I had no idea what was to come, what the pain would even feel like, what the recovery is like, how your body feels afterwards, etc. Although I was extremely lucky and had a great birth, it’s still not a walk in the park and it is bloody painful, no matter how quickly you have them.

This time round I’ve been feeling more scared and anxious of the pain, how I’ll feel afterwards and now I have a little one to worry about too. I can’t just take myself off to the hospital, I have Ava to think about. If you’ve followed me a while you may know I live about 5 hours away from my family, so it’s rather tricky to just call them up and ask them to pop round now to watch Ava. I have to prepare as well as possible, but also accept I need to go with the flow and what will be will be. Thankfully my mum is coming down closer to my due date to stay with us till the time comes. So I just hope everything goes as smoothly as it did my first time round.

To be honest it’s the speed at which she could come that is frightening me, Ava came very quickly for a first baby, and my midwife has warned me how fast this next will will probably come. I’m worried Mitch won’t be there in time if he’s at work, I’m worried my friend won’t get round in time to get Ava, I’m worried my body won’t cope, all sorts of things.

With my first pregnancy I read about labour constantly, what to expect, the different stages, ways to cope, etc. I never went to NCT classes or similar, I just didn’t fancy them and I’m still glad I never went to them. I’m not saying others shouldn’t, they’re just not really my thing. I’d also heard of hypnobirthing classes and to be honest, I just thought anything like that just sounded too good to be true but when I was asked if I’d like to review an online antenatal & hypnobirthing course by The Bump To Baby Chapter, I thought I’d try it out…it could only help ease my worries right? I am SO glad I accepted their offer.

So the course was created by Beth, a midwife, mum of 4 and hypnobirthing coach and she created this online course to not only inform mums to be but to empower them during birth, and give them to tools and information they need to have a positive birth experience, all from the comfort of your own home..I’ll take that!!

From the very first video I knew I’d enjoy the course. Watching Beth talk through the videos, is like sitting on the sofa with an old friend, her voice is calming, and she’s super easy to watch and extremely knowledgeable. Beth has broken down each aspect of labour and birth into short, easy to digest videos that you can watch within about 5 minutes, making it so easy to watch one when you have a chance. I find shorter videos are much more engaging, I often switch off if videos are much longer than 15 minutes but these are all short, sweet, to the point and full of information and tips. At the end of each section there’s also really handy downloadable sets of notes or checklists that you can print off and use, like a hospital bag list, which I’m been slowly ticking off over the last week.

I thought I remembered everything you need to know about labour, by wow I was wrong. There was so many things Beth talked about that’s I’d forgotten, or simply didn’t even know about from the first time round. So those 2nd, 3rd, 4th or even more timers, this course is great for you too. It’s not just aimed at first time mums. It’s yours forever too, it doesn’t expire after a year like a lot of online courses do, so you can rewatch in any future pregnancies you have.

The course doesn’t just cover your ‘normal labour’, all sorts of possible scenarios and situations are discussed as well as coping mechanism to get through them. For example, Beth has taught me that if I’m uptight and worried about things (like Mitch not getting home in time), more often than not, the adrenaline in your body kicks in and labour will slow down, until your partner walks through the door. She’s also taught me to be calm and confident that whatever happens, I will be able to handle it and cope with it. Beth also gives lots of examples of previous situations from women she has helped before, I loved listening to these because it made me understand the content more.

I honestly do feel much more prepared and less anxious than I did before I completed the course. Everyone has their worries, but births happen every second, in all sorts of scenarios, and it’s important to trust your body and instincts and have faith that the decisions you make are the right ones for you and your baby. The course has taught me that it’s okay to question the midwives and doctors, ask if there alternatives to something they suggest if I’m unhappy with it. Its taught me many things but the main thing is to really use my own mind during labour. If you’re in control of your own thoughts and mind, and tell yourself you will have a calm and positive birth, you’re much more likely to have one. I’m so excited to put this into practice once I go into labour, and not be scared!

I want to thank The Bump To Baby Chapter for gifting me this course and preparing me for the birth of my second baby. It is my honest thoughts and review on the course, and I highly recommend it to any expectant mums. It would also be a great gift to buy someone you know is expecting. It’s really affordable at £49, there’s so much information and support but you can read more about what the course offers and what’s included here. But, even if you decide not to enrol in their online course, give their instagram a follow (@thebumptobabychapter) it’s full of gorgeous and inspiration pictures and videos as well as lots of advice and information on different pregnancies, birth and labour topics.

Have any of you done a hypnobirthing course and what were your thoughts? I’ll be sure to let you know once my second little lady arrives how well I’ve put what I’ve learnt into practice!

Love Lucy x

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