Being a mum of 2 little ones…

Hello! It’s been a long time since I blogged, life’s been pretty crazy to be honest – What with lockdown, navigating life with 2, trying to find some time to focus on myself and listening to my body and becoming a mum of 2 under 2. Ava is 2 now, she had her second birthday when Mabel was around 6 weeks but I think it still counts as having 2 under 2 haha!

Overall I love having 2, don’t get me wrong it’s tough, and I don’t have a second for myself really, not at the minute anyway. Ava is so full on and wants constant attention, she’s like a sponge at the moment and just learning new things every day, her speech is coming on so well she copies everything you say – I’ve had to start watching my language šŸ˜±!! Mabel being a newborn is obviously totally dependent on me so it’s tough learning how to juggle everything but the main piece of advice I’d have is to try stick to some sort of routine. Now that’s been extremely hard during lockdown, normally I’d have baby groups, etc, booked so we’d all get out and have things planned. But I mean in general, get up, get dressed, get your bottles sterilised first thing. If I want to do any exercise I try do it first thing when Ava’s having her breakfast and Mabel is napping, it just sets me up right for the day.

I breastfed Mabel for around 7 weeks, unfortunately my supply dried up and I just couldn’t satisfy her, she’s a hungry baby and goes through so many bottles each day and is so happy and content now she’s on the bottles so I know I made the right decision. I breastfed Ava for 6 months and ideally would have liked to do the same for Mabel, but as long as she’s fed and happy then who cares right?!

Seeing the girls bond as they grow is amazing. Ava loves Mabel, she calls her ‘Baby Babel’ and is becoming such a good little help! If someone does a bottle she will take it and run it to me and Mabel, she finds her dummy for her, brings me the nappies and wipes and tries to ‘shush’ and calm her if she’s crying, she also likes to tickle her too (usually the second Mabel has gone to sleep šŸ˜‚šŸ™„ ) and Mabel smiles at Ava all the time whenever she comes near her. Ava kisses Mabel good night and says she loves her, it makes my heart burst and swell with pride.

Ava playing up – classic!

Lots of you have messaged asking for advice, and to be honest I don’t have a great deal. The last 4 months have been such a whirlwind and Mabel has really just got on with everything and just adapted and fit in with what’s been going on. So I guess the main piece of advice would be to not stress, I think babies and kids pick up on stress and react negatively to it, the more relaxed you are the better. Don’t get me wrong I’ve had the odd meltdown and days when I’m on edge but generally as long as both babies are fed, warm and happy then that’s all I’m bothered about. Try not to worry too much about ‘doing something’ every day, there’s plenty of time for that when they’re both older and more cooperative. I always try to get out for a walk with them each day, I take Ava to feed the ducks or see the cows or something, she’s happy as long as she’s running around exploring and Mabels getting some fresh air. I still lots of people on Instagram going to zoos, farms, theme parks almost everyday of the week and I know it’s not possible for everyone, and please don’t let yourself feel guilty over that. Some days the girls and I haven’t even got out of our pyjamas and I find myself feeling bad but I try to remind myself that tomorrow is another day and I’m doing the best I can.ļæ¼

As I always say, people only show the best parts of their lives on Instagram. So don’t compare yourself to others you follow who seem like they’re doing a much better job than you think you are – chances are, they feel just like you do too.

It is hard, I won’t lie. I sometimes find myself thinking, soon Mabel will be sitting up and she can entertain herself a bit with toys or Ava can play with her and that will make things easier, or in a few months time I might be able to compromise a bit more with Ava and she will walk nicely alongside me rather than trying to run off in the opposite direction (yeah right!) and that will make things easier. Or I can’t wait till Mabel is 12 months old and then I won’t spend my life sterilising. But then I think wow she’s already 4 months and it doesn’t even feel like 4 weeks, before I know it she will be independent and I’ll be wishing for this time back.

Overall it’s the best thing being a mum of two, for those of you messaging saying you’re nervous, don’t be – you can do it! Yeah I’m y not to focus on others and what they’re doing and just do the best you can! Your babies won’t care if you don’t go out and do fancy things everyday or whether you stayed in your pjs and watched tv all day every now and then. Do what you can, and they’ll be happy!

Love Lucy x

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