Bluebell Smart Monitoring System

Having a second is definitely so much different to your first. With Ava I remember waking up constantly to check on her, I watched her all day, I had the time too. With Mabel it’s been a bit different, I can’t just sit and watch her all day, I have Ava to attend too also. The same goes for during the night, sometimes I’m checking on Ava. Mabel can roll over now onto her front from her back, she hasn’t quite mastered getting back over to her back (especially in a sleeping bag!)

This is where my Bluebell Monitoring System has come in sooo handy. All you do is attach the breathing monitor, which is designed by doctors, to your baby’s clothes, and this little monitor tracks everything from their breathing, temperature, sleeping, crying and their position (so let’s you know if they’ve rolled over). You can’t say there are many other devices out there that can do all that can you? Also included in the set is your parent wristband, which you can set up to receive visual alerts about your baby, it vibrates so would wake you up in the night if there was a problem.

This also doubles up as your own sleep tracker, and a step and activity counter so you can keep an eye on your steps throughout the day and make sure you’re getting them in. You can also log your baby routines via your wristband, so you can quickly log their feeds, nappy changes, etc! You can do this through the downloadable app too but if you’re out and about and not on your phone it’s a really handy little feature.

The mobile app keeps everything all together in one place so you can start to understand your baby’s routine really, well it was for me. At first I didn’t really take much notice of Mabels nap times but I started to notice a pattern and this was really handy for me cause I’m a bit useless with routines to be honest. But I know baby’s thrive on a routine. Friends, grandparents, babysitters can also download the app and follow the routine too so you don’t need to spend hours explaining things!! But my favourite thing about the mobile app is that it has a section you can store milestones and memories, like I’ve logged the first day Mabel sat up – Friday 4th September!!

Lastly you get the smart hub too which is just wonderful for night times. It plays white noise and lullabies, it also has a lovely sofy night light which is great for night time feeds or changes. You’re also able to listen in to baby if you’re out of the room and can speak to her through it if you need too. This is where you charge your wristband and the breathing monitors too.

I was gifted this item and do realise how pricey it is. But I wouldn’t recommend something if I didn’t agree with it or actually like it. It’s definitely worth the money if you’re that kind of person who likes order and routine or constant peace of mind. If you have a poorly baby I would recommend it too! You can get them here and read more about them, use my code Lucyjmitchell for money off if you decide to get one. Let me know if you get one for your baba!

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